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Due to the barbaric Russian invasion of Ukraine, Histogame decided to stop producing in autocratic countries like China.

Furthermore, each outgoing parcel will be labeled with a sticker
"You, Peoples of the World: Stop Putin!"

Stopping Putin will also help to support
the Democratic movement in Belarus
which was (and still is) brutally cracked down since August, 2020.

From 9 to 11 September, 2022 the
17th Friedrich World Championship
will take place in Berlin.

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Our new game will be (hopefully) available by October, 2022:

Triomphe à Marengo

Please note: As mentioned above, Histogame decided to stop poducing in autocratic countries like China. Therefore, the already started print run was cancelled in February. A new printer has not been found yet.

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The expansions are now ready to ship!

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